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Alexandra Kirsanova is a singer, composer and arranger. She plays the ocarina, block flute, fortepiano and drums. She has graduated from the Byelorussian State University of Culture and Arts. She prefers country, jazz and ethno music.

The duo Alexandra & Konstantin was formed in 1998. Konstantin Drapezo is a guitarist, composer and arranger. In 2004 Alexandra and Konstantin are the first participants from Byelorussia in the Eurovision Song Contest. The duo represented the song My Galileo .

Festivals and competitions:

Slavianski bazar `02 – Vitebsk , Byelorussia ;
– Poland;
Astana `03 – Kazakhstan;
Palangos Gaida'05 - Lithuania .

Albums :
Za likhimi za marozami
My Galileo The Best of A&K
Autonomous Navigation


Golden Bear ` 94, ` 95, ` 96, ` 98, ` 00, ` 02, ` 04 - Baia Mare;
National Festival for Childrens
`96 - Bucharest;
Little Prince
`99 - Bucharest;
Mamaia Festival
` 01 ;
Lothus Flower Festival
` 02 - Oradea;
Golden Dolphin
`03 - Navodari;
Golden Star
`03 - Bucharest;
Children Sunflower Festival
` 04 – Zrenjanin, Serbia

Olympic Performances for violin:
Sighetul Marmatiei`98;
Baia Mare'01;
Cluj Napoca'02;
Bistrita Nasaud'03

Andrea Moldovan was born on the 28 th of September, 1989 in Baia Mare. She is studying violin at the Art High Scool in Baia Mare. Her first appearance on stage was when she was 4 years old. Until now, she won the first prize at all the Children's Festivals where she participated, as well as the first prize at all the Olympic Performances for violin.

In the last period Andrea is working at the Musical Theatre in Baia Mare. In December, 2005 she took part in the Great Christmas Show together with the Philarmonic Orchestra from Brasov and many others Romanian artists. This year she reached the final of the National contest The Romanian Song for Eurovision with her song Lumea asta nu-i a me . In September she is invited to perform in Bergen (Norway) together with the Norwegian pop-rock band called Corazon . At the Discovery festival Andrea will sing together with Cortez, a famous Romanian rock vocalist.


Marios was born in 1990 in Athens, Greece, of Cypriot parents. He has been living in Cyprus for the last twelve years. From the age of eight, Marios has demonstrated an interest and passion for music and dance. He has been studying ballet, Latin and flamenco for 7 years. He continues his studies in piano, guitar, saxophone, theory of music and he attends vocal classes . His hobbies include computer, painting and gymnastics. He speaks English and now is attending French and Spanish lessons. He sings in Greek, English, Spanish, Italian and French. Marios performed in several children's festivals in England, Greece and Cyprus. In 2004 he has had a tour in order to present his very successful song Dreams . His biggest success till now is the 8 th place in the Second Junior Eurovision Song Contest that was held in 2004 in Norway.

Festivals, competitions and prizes :
First Pancyprian Performing Contest' 99 – First prize;
– Larnaca, Cyprus (First prize);
Song-Magic'05 International Song Festival
– Bulgaria (The Special Award Of The Jury);
Palangos Gaida'05 International Song Festival
- Lithuania (The Audience Award);
Heart of Gold'05
- Malta (guest singer);
– Prague, Czech Republic (The Journalist Jury Award and the Third prize)


Some festivals, competitions and prizes:
Voice of Asia'98 – Kazakhstan (Grand Prix);
di Napoli'02 – First prize;
– Kazakhstan (Grand Prix);
– Prague
(The Prize of the Journalists and the Third Prize
of the contest);
The Golden Rose'04
International Song Contest –
Tbilisi, Georgia (Third prize);
Palangos Gaida'05 Festival
– Lithuania (Grand Prix).

E Il Vento Fara Il Resto - Polygram, Universal/Carosello (1998);
Secondo Luca

Luca Sepe was born in Naples in 1976. He started playing the piano at the age of 6 but he abandoned it a few years later and decided to the guitar and the drums. Actually he plays 5 instruments: Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Harmonica and Piano. That's why Luca is not only a singer but also an arranger, songwriter and producer. But Luca's most important bent is always been to sing.

Luca's career as a professional singer is prosperous. In 1997 he won the contests Accademia di Sanremo and Sanremo Giovani . Next year he participated in the most important music contest in Italy, Festival di Sanremo and won the Third Prize in the young category and the 4 th Prize in the big category. The press considered Luca as one of the best Italian voices. He has had many concerts in Italy, Canada, Great Britain, the USA and Lithuania. He writes songs for other Important Italian artists, such as F. Ricciardi, G. Finizio etc. In 2004 Luca found his personal recording company - LS Music and produced the first album of Gianluca Manzieri, a famous Italian showman and singer. At the end of last year Luca started his radio show on Radio Kiss, called Kiss Napoli .



Talgat was born in 1985 in the village of Beynetkesh, Kazakhstan . At the moment he is a Third course student at the Kazakhstan's National Academy of Music T. Jurgenova . He is working on his first solo album . He toured once his country. Talgat collects toys – little cars and aero planes.

Festivals, competitions and prizes

Akbota `98 Regional Child Competition – Shikmen , Kazakhstan (First prize);
Balaussa `00 National Child Competition
– Shikmen , Kazakhstan (Grand Prix);
Shikmen `02 National Child Competition
– FirstPrize ;
Shabit `04
International competition – Astana, Kazakhstan .

VASKO FORTI – Macedonia

Vasko Forti has already been interested in music for more than 10 years. He studied economic sciences. He is one of the most popular singers in Macedonia. He takes part in many radio and tv shows. Last year Vasko Forti won the Audiences' Prize at the International Festival Eurofest in Skopje. Now he participates in Discovery International Song Contest with the prize song, called The way you want to be (music and arrangement by Yovan Yovanovich and Ivan Yovanovich, lyrics by Elvir Mekik). His second song is called The queen of the queens (music and arrangement by Kire Kostov, lyrics by Miodrag Vrtsakovski).


Roger Tirazona and Eleanor Spiteri are two members of Trilogy .

Eleanor Spiteri was born in a musical family. She kicked off in singing at the age of 12 when she joined the Malta Children's Choir of Act React. After 5 years full of performing productions, she auditioned for the musical 1565 with Masquerade Theatre Company and eventually played a leading part. With the same company she also took part in Xmas with Beyond the Barricade . Eleanor perfects her knowledge on voice technique, tap, ballet and jazz dancing. In the Hotspot television contest, she placed second overall and is presently second year taking BSc. Nursing Degree.

Roger Tirazona started singing at the age of 9 in a musical. He then studied voice techniques at the Johann Strauss School of Music and sang in different international productions. In 2003 he won the Festival Indipendenza in a duet with Nadine Axisa. Roger's involvement in music also includes credits in recording engineering for various productions. He also holds a degree in Psychology and teaches Personal and Social Development in a state school. He is also a singing teacher at Masquerade Theatre Arts School . In his leisure time Roger enjoys cooking, playing computer games and taking photographs.

This year Eleanor and Roger won the Third Prize at the Malta Song for Europe contest.


Olga Varvus was born on April, 1983 in Tiraspol, Moldova. She graduated from Music College A. Rubinstein – fortepiano. At the moment she is studying at the State Conservatory of Moldova.

Festivals, contests and prizes:

Slavic Star International Pop Song Performers Contest - Orel, Russia (First prize);
Golden Shlager'03
- Byelorussia (Second prize);
Steaua Marii'01 -
Constanta, Romania (First prize);
- Ukraine (First prize)


Aleksandra was born in Wrze s nia in 1988. She attends vocal classes. She is a Second course student at the Henryk Sienkiewicz High School in Wrze s nia. She is keen on swimming, dancing and reading. She loves jazz and soul music. Her biggest dream is to become a singer.

Festivals and competitions:

Eurovision Contest for Children'03 – Warsaw;
The Anna Jantar'04 National Contest
– Wrze s nia (Special prize);
Return to the beuty in the world and music'05
National Contest of the Music of the 60s and the 70s – Wyszkov, Poland (Special prize);
Presenting Culture of Great Poland Srem'05
(Gold Medal);
The Anna Jantar'05 National Song Contest
- Wrze s nia (Second prize); Province Contest of Sang Poetry'05 – Poznan, Poland (Third prize); Veszprem'05 International Song Contest – Hungary (First prize)


Alexander Romashevski is a Russian artist and saxophonist. He has graduated from the Moscow State College of Jazz Art. Now he is a student in the Moscow State Linguistic University .

Festivals, competitions and prizes:

Laureate of the Mini TV Contest for Young Singers and Dancers'93 - St. Petersburg , Russia ,
Baby-hit TV Contest for Young Singers'94
Yuta'95 Contest for Young Singers
-Saratov, Russia,
Festos'98 & '99
Contest -Russia;
Cool Crew'94 TV Contest for Young Singers – Moscow (First prize);
First Moscow Contest Of Variety Art'03
– Grand Prix;
The Sea Knot'04 International Music Contest
– Novorossiysk (The Special prize);
Northern Star'05 International Festival of Theatrical Art
– Moscow.

DUNJA VUJADINOVIC - Serbia & Montenegro

Dunja Vujadinovic was born on the 4 th of February, 1989 in Novi Sad. She is studying at the School of economics in Novi Sad. Her first appearance on stage was when she was 11 years old when she participated in the festival of children's music in Podgorica. Her ambition is to be a famous pop singer.

Montenegro'04 ;
Novi Sad ' 05 ( First prize for composition and for interpretation);
Euro-pop festival
' 05 (Bosnia and Herzegovina);
Budapest Music festival'05
(The Special prize of the Hungarian radio)


Deniz was born on November, 1980 in Erzincan, Turkey. He lives in Istanbul since 1997. He has graduated from the Istanbul University (Biomedical engines department). In 2004 he graduated from the Mujdat Gezen Art and Music Academy. At the moment he studies physics at the Kocaeli University. Deniz founded his first music band in 2002. He works on his first album. His aim is to be persistent with his original sound and style. Last year he presented Turkey at the Balkans Music Festival in Istanbul

IRIS - Canary Islands, Spain

Iris (Iris Chango) was born on the 3 of February, 1981 in Montevideo, Uruguay. Now Iris is living in Spain and she has the Spanish nationality. She began recording for advertising at 7. At 13 she began working in a local pop orchestra as a singer. At 18 she arrived to Tenerife (Spain) and she was working in several clubs, hotels and shows. She has been working as a professional dancer (Jazz and Latin Dance Ballet). Now she is selecting songs for her first album, she is working in a show as a singer and she is doing an exhibition of acrobatic salsa dance. This year she is going to present her songs in several festivals in Spain and abroad.


Singer and dancer in a multimedia show (Mallorka' 03)
Singer and dancer in a group for Spanish music (Mallorka'04)

One of the soloist singers in a Motown Tribute Group who realized many performances in the Canary Islands (2005)


Sherzod Davronov was born in 1978 in Navoi, Uzbekistan. At the moment he is a Third course student at the Tashkent State Institute of culture. He works as a soloist singer at the Culture Centre Farkhad of the Navoi's mining metallurgical combine. He is the winner of the State Prize for young talents Nihol'04 of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan. He took part in many international festivals in Germany, France, Pakistan, Bulgaria. In June 2005 Sherzod Davronov took part in a big concert in Kiev in honour of the Constitution Day of Ukraine.

Other festivals, contests and prices:

Yalta'02 - Ukraine (Grand Prix);
Golden Skif'02
– Donetsk, Ukraine;
Golden Shlager'03
– Mogilev, Byelorussia;
Chernovtsi International Contest For Young Singers'04
- Ukraine (Third prize);
Yalta-Kiev-Transit International Young Singers Contest'05
(Second prize)

THE YES GROUP – Bulgaria

The group is composed by five singers who have changed in recent years. The actual group was formed a year and a half ago. The singers made his debut to the 14 th Discovery International Pop Music Festival . The group won the prize at the Eurofest in Skopje and the Special prize at the Discovery festival. This year Neda Karova and the Yes group reached the final of the National contest The Bulgarian Song for Eurovision .

The other members of the Yes group are:
Yanna Ivanova, 16 years old. She started singing when she was 6 years old. She is passionate about Latino dances.
Tatyana Ivanova , 17 years old. Two years ago she was a Bulgarian folklore singer.
Georgi Georgiev, 21 years old. During 7 years he learned Latino dances. He joined the music school Studio Yes and the so called group 2 years ago.
Ivo Antonov started singing when he was 7 years old. He plays the flute and the piano. He joined the music school Studio Yes 3 years ago.
Galia Jivkova 18 year old.


Stanislava was born in September of 1998 in Varna, Bulgaria. Now she is studying chemical technologies in D. I. Mendeleev Secondary School in Varna. She started singing when she was 12 years old. She began singing professionally a year ago when she became a student in the music school Studio Yes. She likes to write poems, but singing is her biggest passion. Last year Stanislava won the Special award of the jury at the Palangos Gaida International Song Festival in Lithuania and the First prize at the Eurofest International festival in Macedonia.


The members of the Melody lady's duo are two young , talented and ambitious girls who have perfect and synchronized voices. They are Poly Genova and Denitza Peneva, both presented by the Bon-Bon production house.

Poly and Denitza started singing 10 years ago when they joined the Bon-Bon group, the most successful children's vocal group in Bulgaria. Not long after their debut they started present the Bon-Bon tv music show on the Bulgarian National Television. Thereafter they are on the stage. The duo has realized many video clips and albums and has participated in a number of festivals. The most famous Bulgarian singers prefer working with the two members of the Melody duo because of their “trade mark” – the specific studio sounding. Two years in succession the duo reaches the final of the National contest The Bulgarian Song for Eurovision .

Today the two singers continue to study music. Poly studies clarinet at the L. Pipkov National Music School. Denitza studies contrabass at the State Music Academy in Sofia. The artistic skills and the vocal capacities of the two young singers are their guaranty for a big music career.


Nora was born in 1987 in Gorna Oryahovitsa . She started working as a professional singer three years ago. She is a member of the group Nova muzika , a part of the group Patilantsi attached to the culture club Napredak-1869 in Gorna Oryahovitsa. Last year Nora took the third place in the annual competition of the popular Tv broadcast for young singers Hit minus edno .

Festivals, competitions and prizes:
he magic of the song `04 – Targovishte ( Second prize for duo );
Silver Yantra '04 International Pop Music Contest for Young Singers
– Veliko Tarnovo ( Special prize );
The magic of the song `05
– Targovishte ( the First prize for duo );
Stars for Lora '05 National Competition
– the First prize ;
A million miracles '05 International Festival
– Sofia ( First prize for singer and for song );
Silver Yantra `05
– the Prize for best singer and a Special prize of the music tv MM );
Northern Lights'05 National Competition `05
– Rousse ( Third prize )

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