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ΥI th Discovery International Pop Music Festival 2002


Olivia Lewis
I prize – “Give me wings” – Malta, music by Paul Giordamania, author Fleur Balzan,
                                                 performed by Olivia Lewis
download - MP3 - 2.78Mb

II prize – “No matter where you are” – Greece, Bulgaria – music by Valery Costov
III prize – “Everything is changing” – Moldavia, music by Victoria Mahu
                  “Thousand wishes’ – Czech Republic, music by Marketa Mazourova
                  “Loosing You was wrong” – Romania, music by Sorin Vasile Pepino
Prize for best arrangement for the song
                    “Lost happiness” – Kazakhstan, music by Kaljan Anaruly  

Prize of the Organizing Committee for the song
                    “She is liying me” – Jugoslavia, music by Sasha Dragic  

Prize of the Bulgarian Union of the novelists for the song
                    “Smiles”, lyrics Denitsa Vlaeva
                                   performed by Klimentina Terzieva, Bulgaria
  I prize – Luminita Angel – Romania
II prize – Svetlana Saidieva – Uzbekistan
III prize – Olivia Lewis - Malta
Prize of the music journalists in Varna
Igor Vukoevich – Jugoslavia
Special prize of Ladies Club Europe 21 century
song “Yasamak” singer: Fusun Coskun – Turkey
Special prize for artistic performance
Fusun Coskun – Turkey
Prize of the Romanian Show program “Bravo Bravissimo”
for most promising Bulgarian performer
Klimentina Terzieva, Bulgaria
Special prize of the organizers
Julia - Macedonia
"Bravo Bravissimo" handed a Diploma to Mr. Dono Tsvetkov,
Director of the Discovery International Pop Music Festival
for his contribution to the peace and friendship through music and art.