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18th DISCOVERY International Pop Music Festival
Varna, BULGARIA May 15-17th 2009

Rules and Regulations for participating

Each participant has to perform two songs (no longer than four minutes each) of his/her own choice with "live" vocal and a half playback on CD. One of the songs must be with an original music ( dance and pop) and lyrics (it has to be available both half playback and full playback as well). The original song has to be presented in the Best Song Contest and the second song has to be performed in the Best Singer Contest .
Songs may be presented in any language. The performers have to possess the copy-rights on their original song. It will be produced on a CD to be sold for benefit and worldwide promotional purposes.
The performers have to be at age between 17 and 35.

Discovery Awards: EUR
5 000 for category

How to entry the contest selection:

  1. Application Form and Contract for authors right ( Agreement Form from the authors of the original song with their authentic signatures)
  2. Biography of the singer, 2 recent photographs and promotional material (video clip, CD etc.)
  3. CD with the original song - full and half playback and the second song - half playback . The songs must not exceed 4 minutes
  4. Two copies of the original lyrics in English translation
  5. One short video BETACAM or mini DV about the participant's country and culture , for promotional purposes during the festival
  6. Entry fee - EUR 100
  7. Pronouncing of the singer's name

Deadline for applications is set on February 25th 2009

Jury: The competition is to be judged by an International Jury selected by the Discovery Organizing Committee.

Costs covered by the contest organizer:

The Discovery 2009 International Music Festival takes on its account the accommodation, meals (breakfast and dinner for 3 days) and internal transport during the festival days in Varna for the participant and for one accompanying PR-person or manager. All additional guests who would like to visit the festival have to pay for their services special festival's prices.
Please, inform us about the number of the guests in advance. The sponsors of your travel to Varna, if such, will be announced in the advertizing material and publications of the Festival.

Organizer's rights:

  1. The exclusive right to broadcast and to permit others to broadcast the Festival.
  2. The exclusive right to produce and distribute all types of contest audio and video materials (records, CD's, cassettes, documentary, films and videotapes) of the  Festival .
  3. The right to use and permit others to use any of the promotional material submitted by the applicant.
  4. The Discovery International Music Festival will not pay any artistic fee for the performance.

Please, send your materials to:

Mr. Dono Tsvetkov, Discovery 200 9 International Festival,
K-s "Chaika", bl.55 Vh. "V", Ap
p . 16,

Varna 9005, Bulgaria
tel.+359 52 612829
tel/fax +359 52 300201
skype: discoveryfest


E-mail: festival@discoveryfest.com
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