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MAY 14-15

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Katerina Ilich - Russia

Katerina Ilich was born on 16.09.1980 in Volgrad, Russia. At the moment she is a student at the Moscow Pedagogic University, pop singing.
Laureate of the following contests:
* 2001 - "Russian silhouette", Moscow
* 2002 - "Hopes of Europe 2002", Sochi - award of the audience
* 2003 - International Music Festival "Eurofest 2003" - second award
* 2004 - "Hopes of Europe 2004", Sochi - third award



Guillermo Albelo - Arrangements, keyboards, acoustic guitars and background vocals
Montse Dorta - Lead and background vocals
Rodolfo Diaz - Lead and background vocals
Founded in 2000.
Winner award - Latinoamerican Song Contest - San Francisco - USA
Finalist - Villa de candelaria Song Contest - Spain
Edition of their first album "VENUS"
Recording of their video clip "Look at the stars now at midnight", produced by the Spanish Authors and Songwriters Foundation.
Performances at:
Cultural canter"El Tablero"
TV Program "Good afternoon" - TVE
TV Program - AZUL TV
TV Summer nights program - Canal 6 TV
Bajamar Summere Gala Festival
"La Sombrilla" program - TVE
Tenerife International Song Contest Festival - 2001, 2002 and 2003
Nooctua VIP Music Hall
Nibbana concerts hall
Young Wave Festival - El Rosario
New Year's Gala - Canal 6 TV

Interviews at:
"Diario de avisos" newspaper
Spain National Radio
MYD Radio
Burgado Radio
Radio 21
Radio Tiempo
Radio Realejos

Recording of the second album "California" - 2004 edition


Angie - Germany

Angie was born in 1984 in Starnberg an idyllic situated small town in the south of Munich /Germany/. She grew up with her elder sister Claudia, now a medical assistant. From earliest child hood she loves to sing and dance as well as to paint. She has always known that she will become a singer or a creative artist. Her family gave her all the support she needed. Besides attending High school she works in a disco. She never stopped training her voice and join castings. Two guest appearances in German TV - Shows gave her the confirmation that she is on the right way.
In 2003 she met her manager and signed a contract with a record company in Munich. In December 2003 she started recording the first titles. She loves working in the recording studio as well as being on stage.
In January 2004 she joined a charity concert together with 15 well-known bands and solo artist for Doctors without borders. The audience was enthusiastic.
The young singer is very keen to make a singing career but never forgets her aim: to be a great singer and performer not a shooting star for one day.
The strength she needs for her busy life she gains from her boyfriend Robert and her family not to forget her cat.
What she dreams of beside being a famous singer? Traveling some day to New York or New Zealand, doing charity work and having a family. She also dreams of a world without war - maybe music helps to create a better world.


Anthony Parisella - Australia

Anthony has involved in the music industry for the past 10 years.
Originally from Adelaide, Australia he performed regularly at venues within both the Latin and pop music scene. He was involved in one of the first Latin commercial bands in Adelaide called Tropical sound, and was the group's singer. After 2 years playing constantly with Tropical Sound, Anthony decided to move onto something more challenging and original.
He found this in Voodoo Dolls a group made up to 4 musicians. Together the band rehearsed for 8 months before they put their music and show before the public. In a short time the Voodoo Dolls gained a reputation as having a very dynamic and soulful sound, established a following of devoted fans. During his time with the group, Anthony gained his most valuable experience as a front man/ songwriter/ performer. Unfortunately different musical direction of the band members was to be the end of the Voodoo Dolls.
In 1999 Anthony based himself in Melbourne to further his musical career.
During this time he formed an acoustic duo / guitar and vocals/ and performed in small clubs and bars. The duo was called Moon Indigo. At the same time Anthony kept writing his original material and working in various studios, both as a backing vocalist and lead vocalist.
In 2000 he teamed up with a Melbourne songwriter and formed a Pop/ Funk/ Latin duo called "dna". Together they wrote and recorded 14 songs at Sing Sing Studios in Melbourne, which is one of Australian's major recording studios.
In May 2001 "dna" released their first commercial CD single "Venom" that received commercial airplay and was available through all major music retailers in Australia. A considerable number of units were sold, and to date the song is still being played by some radio stations throughout Australia.

A video clip to support the single was also released and received TV airplay on Rage and Video Hits.
At the begging at 2002, Anthony decided to go solo and began writing his own original compositions, a blend of Latin/ Pop/ Salsa/ Ballads.
In December 2002 Chuck Surf Music, Switzerland discovered Anthony Parisella's talents and agreed to sign a European promotion deal, under the wing of CSMPRO.
Currently he is working on new dance material and co-writing for CSMPRO, preparing new songs for a new album. Anthony is also continuing to perform in Australia, and his performances are always well received by his audiences.
In August 2003 Anthony performed at Cairo International Song Festival in Egypt, and undertaking a promotional tour to show case his up-coming album.


Sunita Djozic - Bosnia and Herzegovina

Place of Birth: Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Education: 8th grade of Primary School ''Osman Nakas'' in Sarajevo
Musical Education: 6th grade of Primary Musical School ''Novo Sarajevo'' in Sarajevo; Plays piano in the class of Professor Zlata Prcic

Sunita sings since she was seven years old. She takes part at the competitions of the students of Music in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) and has been winning the first prizes since 2000, and they are as follows:
2000 - III competition of FBiH in Mostar
2001 - IV competition of FBiH in Neum
2002 - V competition of FBiH in Bihac
2003 - VI competition of FBiH in Zenica

She has participated at the musical festivals in Bosnia and Herzegovina and abroad since 1997 winning a numerous awards. They are as follows:
1997 ''Mali slager'' Festival in Sarajevo, BiH with the song ''Otac
dolazi s rada''
1998 ''Sta se pjesmom sanja'' Festival in Gorazde, BiH with the song
''Kuca na tockovima''

2000 ''Top pop teen'' in Zenica, BiH with the song ''Crazy''
(won the prize for performance)I
2001 ''Nove nade'' Festival in Zenica, BiH with the song ''Ne
spavam nocima''
2002 ''Sta se pjesmom sanja'' Festival in Gorazde, BiH with the song
''Ne spavam nocima'' (won the first award for performance)
2002 ''Djeca pjevaju hitove'' Festival in Sarajevo, BiH with the song
''Da znas''( won the first prize of the Professional Board Members)
2003 ''Djeca pjevaju sevdalinke'' Festival in Sarajevo, BiH with the song
''Iz kamena voda tekla'' (won the first prize of the Professional Board Members)
2003 ''Studentsko ljeto'' in Maglaj, BiH with the song ''Every way that I can'' (won the first prize of the Professional Board Members)
2003 ''Evrofest'' in Skopje, Macedonia with the song ''Every way that I can'' (won the Grand Prix of the Festival)
2004 ''Discovery" in Varni, Bulgaria with two songs: ''Every way that I can'' and ''Odlazi''
Sunita is also a member of ''Spajz Girls''music group and has recorded two CDs with the hit song ''My Name is Sunita''.


NicolaEA - Moldova

Given name: Nicoleta
Father's name: Nicolae
Date of birth: 10.12.1983
Place of birth: Republic of Moldova, Edinet, Alexandren
Studies: 2004 - University of Moldova, Faculty Psychology, the 3-th year.
2002 - Diploma of baccalaureate, humanistic profile, to the theoretic lyceum "Panteleimon-Halippa", Edinet.
1990-1998 - theoretic school, "Valentin Rosca".
Participation: 1997 - Grand premium to National Festival "Tamara Ciobanu."
2000 - Diplomat to International concurs of poem "Veronica Micle"
2002 - Diplomat to National Concurs-Festival "Maluri de Prut"
2003 - 3-th place, original price to National Concurs-Festival "Steaua Chisinaului 2003".
Hobby: music, poem, psychology, sport, dance, cars.
Personal quality: communicability, ingenue, responsible, punctuality, energy.


Michael Ro - Romania

25 years old. Birthplace: Constanta, Romania. He has studied piano since 7 years old.
He won 18 national festivals as a singer. He began to study on his own and, in short time, his voice and his great technic of the voice were appreciated by the most important musicians in Romania, who called him the male version of Mariah Carey. His voice can cover 5 octaves.
In 1999 he won the most important festival in Romania, called "Mamaia Festival".
In 2000 he won the Jury award in "Golden Stag Festival".
From that moment he made a group called "Valahia" and he had a lot of success for about 4 years.
After 4 years of great success, after about 1500 concerts in Romania and many others out of Romania, like Japan, Germany, France, Belgium, Austria, Moldova, after about 500 000 copies sold, Michael decided to begin a solo career.


Shannon Kenny - Republic of South Africa

Shannon is a Durban-based singer and actress. Shannon recently launched her debut CD "Where in the world".
Shannon started out as an actress in 1994 and in 1997 she sang in her first musical vcabaretLipstick Traces". By the end of that year she was in Johannesburg starring in Lisa Bobbert-McIllroy's hit cabaret show "Spicy Chicks". Six months later she was touring Turkey with English saxophonist, Andrew Young, singing lead and backing vocals. On her return to SA she worked as a trainee DJ on East Coast Radio and performed with the KZNPO, The Andrew Young Band and Sam Marais.
During 1999 she had completed another 5 month tour of Turkey and Tunisia with Andrew Young, co-written "The Promise" and contributed backing vocals on his One To One / gospel/ album; performed regularly at the Green Dolphin at the V&A Waterfront, Cape Town at the Cape Town International Jazz Festival in January 2000.
During 2000 and 2001 Shannon performed in many public and corporate functions. The most notable, a solo performance for President Thabo Mbeki.
Shannon starred in Leopard Moon's musical drama, "Leopard Skin", in 2002.


Carlos Roberto and Francesca - Guatemala

Carlos Roberto and Francesca are two young artists in every sense of the word. Together, they have taken singing lessons with professors of international recognition. They have trained in theatrical arts, modern dance, Latin rhythms and Jazz. Preparing to make their debut, on their album Desnudos Por El Mundo, a CD which gave them success in nine countries of the Continent. Six of these romantic ballads were written by both Carlos Roberto and Francesca, making this their first international appearance, not just as singers, but as authors as well. Overall, this was the start of the singing career of these two multi talented artists. They have commenced a journey filled with good thoughts and wishes, where their dream is to sing in the language that the whole world understands. The language of LOVE.


D'Averna - Italy

Daniele Colella, better known as D'Averna, was born in 1982. His roots lay in Southern Italy where his father comes from. Together with his brother, who is a famous DJ now, he grew up in German, speaking Italian and German. The heritage from his father is the Italian temperament and the love for cooking, from his mothers side the love for music. His mother was a singer too, but gave up her career for her family and founded an Italian restaurant with her husband.
D'Averna had a professional vocal teacher and now is studying guitar. In his rare spare time he likes to dance and to play football with his brother and cousins.
Whithin the next weeks he is producing his first album with Italian and English lyrics. In 2003 he very successfully appeared in several German TV shows.
He also started to write his own lyrics in his mother-language Italian. In this language he can express his emotions and feelings.
In the future he would like to interpret his own songs and to participate in international ccompetitions.


Altynay Zhorabaeva - Kazakstan

She was born in 1978 in Beinetkesh village, Kazakstan. In 1999 she graduated at the International Art University.
In 1997 she took part in the National contest "Zhas Kanat", Almaty. In 1999 she participated at the contest "The contemporary song of Kazakstan", part of the International Festival "Voice of Asia".
She became a llaureatethe International Festival "Voice of Asia" in 2001 and took part at the contest "The contemporary song of Kazakstan".
Together with her husband, Altynay established an Art Center in Almaty in 2001.
The first album of Altynay was called "In love with a dream" and launched in February 2002. This album was dedicated to the first child of Altynay.
Altynay took part at the International Festival "Slavyansky bazar", Belarus in 2003.
Her first solo concert, called "Life - river", took place at the bbeginingof 2004. Now Altynay is having concerts in Kazakstan.


DIE Himmelsstuermer - Germany

Three girls reaching for the sky! Since 1998 the band is a chartbreaker and a

Seraphina Kalze always vivacious and in a good mood 21 year old Fine, as her
friends call her, is the lead singer of the band. Last year she successfully
finished her highschool. Besides singing she loves to play guitar and write her
own lyrics. A few month ago she started to work for a German TV station. Her
spare free time she spends with her friends and her puppy.

Yvonne Krebs - 25 year old Yvonne is the oldest girl in the band and is working
in a drugstore. A friend who recognized her great talent brought her to the
band's producer. Besides German pop music she loves Madonna and Celine Dion.
Her greatest dream is long journey on the Carribean Islands.

Sophie Koch - 17 year old Sophie is the baby of the band. Still attending
highschool he started two years she joined the band. Before she started
singing the played accordeon for 10 years . Her great passion is travelling.
She hopes that her greatest dream will come true - visiting the home of Elvis
Presley in Graceland.

The band released the new album "Kissenschlacht im Herzen" a few weeks ago.
During the last years the girls had many TV appearances in Germany, Austria and
Portugal. Wherever they go on the stage they win the audience within a few

Biljana Rafajlovska - Macedonia

Biljana was born in 1984 in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. She began singing at the age of 15. Now Biljana is a second-year-student at the the pop and jazz department of the State Conservatory "Pancho Vladigerov" -Sofia, Bulgaria. She made her music debut in Kaneo-Fest 2002 in Ohrid, Macedonia and since then she has participated in many music festivals in her country and abroad and she was been awarded at many of them: Kaneo fest 2003- Grand Prix; Euro Fest 2003- Special jury award; Sochi 2003(Russia)- special jusry award and special award for best foreign singer.
Besides the festivals Biljana has recorded 7 songs and already has 4 video clips. At the moment she's working on releasing her first CD.

Nico - Romania

Nico was born in 1970 in Ploesti, Romania. She graduated from the High school for professional singers in 1990. Now she is working as a singer at the "Toma Garagiu" Musical Theatre in Ploesti. Her career has been extremely successful since 1998. In 2001 she signed a contract with a very famous music show in Japan. Through the years she has worked with all the leading radio and TV stations in Romania. Nico has won many awards at the most outstanding music contests all over the country. She won first prize award for best female singer in the "Theatre Festival Contest" in Constanta in 1996, 1997, 1998 and 1999. In 1996 she was second in the most significant pop contest in Romania "Mamaia". She became a finalist in the EUROVISION CONTEST, Romania 2003. In Brashov, Romania Nico won second prize at the "Golden Stag International Song Festival in 2003.


Marta Florek - Poland

Marta Florek was born in 1987 in Limanov, Poland. Now she is studying piano. She also attends vocal classes in a Polish music school. In the last few months she has won a number of prizes:
· Grand Prix "GIM-HIT 2003" - Poland
· First place at the Festival "Radujnyie Pesenki" - Krakow
· Second place at the Festival, Bendzin, 2002

Oksana Bilera - Latvia

Oksana Bilera was born in 1987 in the capital of Latvia - Rigue. She studies piano and singing in a music school and dances in the popular latvian group "Dance of street". Some years ago she played in the Solo Music Theatre, touring through Latvia. The music and the singing are very serious part from her life and she has not any spare time. She loves walking in the old part of Rigue and in the beaches of Yurmala. Oksana is preparing a new album with arias from classic operas. She has always dreamed for a career of singer and artist. Every contest is a new step to her creative development.

2002 - The Latvian Contest "Yantarnaya Zvezda", where she won the audience's award
2002 - The Latvian Contest "Zuzbulis", where she won 3rd award
2003 - The Contest "Rigue - Stockholm"
2003 - The Latvian Contest "Yantarnaya Zvezda - Yurmala"
2003 - The Latvian Contest "Yantarnaya Zvezda", where she won 3rd award
2003 - The talent's Contest " Chance for the young"
2004 - The preliminary contest for representing Latvia at the International Arts Festival "Slavyanski bazar v Vitebske"

Natia Tsulaia - Georgia

Tsulaia Natia Amiranovna, was born in 1987 , 15 april, city Tbilisi
Favourite colour: Pink
Favourite drink: Coca-Cola
Favourite meal: Salads
Favourite singers: Ta-Tu, Madonna, Anastasia
Favourite author: E.Pirssy
Hobby: football
Since 2000 year - studies in vocal studio "SUPERSTAR"
In 2001 year-- took part in the republic festival "Estrada 2001" - second place
In 2002 year-- took part in Republik Radio-TV Competition "Gazaphulis Zarebi"-
second place
In 2002year-studies in studio of modern dances
Takes part in charitable actions and concerts

Neda Karova - Bulgaria

Neda was was born in 1987 in Shumen, Bulgaria.
She began singing when she was seven years old in a private music school "Studio YES". She took part in the national festival for song which was held in Golden Sands, Bulgaria and in the National TV Contest "HIT MINUS 1" where she took first place in 2002. She also took part in the International Festival "MINI DISCOVERY", Varna, Bulgaria where she took Grand Prix for singer. She participated in many international contests, as the International Song Contest for children and teenagers "GOLDEN STAR", Bucharest, Romania, the International Festival in Bosna and Herzegovina, the International Festival "Eurofest", Skopie, Macedonia, where she won the third place.
Now she learns in a professional gymnasium by economics and continue singing in Studio YES.

Petya Dankova - Bulgaria

Petya Dankova was born in 1985 in Sofia. She graduated violin and opera singing at the National Music School "Lyubomir Pipkov". She starts her singing career in the popular group "Pim Pam". Several years later she begins to sing at the Vocal studio "Indigo" and wins a lot of awards in musical contests and Festivals.
She is a soloist of the vocal group "Indigo klamer", which is established in 2002. Petya won second and third award in the National TV Contest "HIT MINUS 1".
As a solo singer Petya also wins first place at the contest "Rising stars", Petrich, Bulgaria; "Golden fish", Varna, Bulgaria - second place; "Sofia land", Sofia, Bulgaria - second place.
Petya has also a lots of participations in radio and TV programs.

...:||:...SPECIAL GUESTS__________________________________________

Fabrizio Faniello

Fabrizio Faniello had a real busy time after participating at the Eurovision Song Contest 2001 at May, 12th with the song "Another Summer Night".
He was performing this song in front of 38.000 people at the "Parken Stadium" in Copenhagen and right after that, the song entered the Danish Top 20 for five consecutive weeks, his debut album "While I´m Dreamin´" and his second single-release "My Girl" entered the danish charts as well. The album went into the Top 100 for four weeks.
Fabrizio has been seen at all important TV-Programs and he presented his songs at big venues like the "Langeland Festival" (25.000 people) or "Radio ABC Beach Party" (7.500 people).
Meanwhile he is the biggest star on the island of Malta and he can't walk the streets anymore without being surrounded by screaming fans, his album went immediately to position Nr. 1 of the sales charts and is now the most selling album on the island ever, the press is already talking about a "FAB-MANIA" (The Malta Independent).
Germany, Austria, Switzerland & Malta released the single "SHOW ME NOW" in February 2002 with major promotion & marketing and a high-budget-video for MTV and VIVA.
The song immediately went to No. 1 of the Maltese charts and was played the heaviest rotation ever in history of the Maltese radio & tv !
Releases have been in several countries, even MTV Asia was broadcasting his video!
In Germany he was performing on the VIVA - Stage at the "You" - Fair in Berlin, has been played at big tv-stations like RTL & SAT 1 , was on heavy rotation in different radio stations and entered the dance-charts on position 17 and the airplay-charts on position 5 ….!!...J
He played some big festivals like the "Halberg-Festival" in Saarbrücken in front of 65.000 people, "GOLDEN STAG Festival" in Brasov/Romania and the "MusicMania Festival" on Malta and has been invited to big events like the EU Summit in Copenhagen in December 2002.
At the CARLSBERG MALTA MUSIC AWARDS 2004, Fabrizio received - for the second time - the Award for BEST MALE ARTIST OF THE YEAR!!!
Fabrizio finalized the works to his 2nd album which has been released in Malta and went immediately to the No. 1 position in the Maltese Top 30 Charts!
The first teaser single out of this album is the pop-dance-latin-song "WHEN WE DANCED" (please check the video at the music&media - section at ) written by top famous American writers Anthony Little & Rick Kelly (N'Sync, Backstreet Boys).
For the 2nd album there are various up-tempo songs like "I'M IN LOVE", latin-pop-orientated tracks like "LET ME BE YOUR LOVER" and big ballads like "SEMPLICE COSI", written by the most successful composer of Malta, - Paul Abela, - all of them potential hit-singles on the new album.
The launch of the new album in Malta has been combined with the release of the single-hit WHEN WE DANCED, a sold out concert at the prestigious MCC in Valletta and a TV-broadcasting of his whole show. In Other countries , like f.e. Romania. the track is already a huge hit, played on MTV and Atomic (Their local Video station), -
Releases of the single and/or album are scheduled for:
Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Denmark, Greece, Italy, Spain, France, Sweden, Norway, Ukraine, Russia, and in different Asian countries like Indonesia, The Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan und Korea.


Georgi Hristov




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